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In the last decade we have seen huge leaps in how the ‘world’ of fund marketing, fund distribution, and fund communication has radically changed, it is essential that managers understand how to undertake marketing, distribution and communications of their funds, from the investors perspective. The best fund managers look to create a fund strategy that can build the ‘complete firm’. They strive to be best in class when it comes to performance, compliance, client services, technology and marketing. Marketing is often neglected. Even with a solid pedigree and outstanding performance, a fund will have difficulty growing its investor base without a well designed and implemented marketing strategy. Our research has shown that funds are reaching more investors through diligent combining of fund marketing, fund distribution, and fund communication.

Design of Marketing Materials


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We build effective marketing strategies to promote you and your funds in your route to raising capital

Boost your visibility to Investors, Family Offices, HNWI's

Investors receive on average 50+ fund prospectus's per month, maybe one might get a commitment, thats a very ineffective route to the investor. We have a fund marketing alternative that works, we are NOT a third party marketing agency, we are experts in efficient marketing with instant return on investment.

Marketing IS accountable

We manage the projects and initiatives like content marketing, content distribution, SEO, social media, website design and function. We provide our clients with analytics, monthly reports, showing the success that our clients and funds have in raising capital through effective marketing

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Many funds today do not communicate effectively enough nor in the language of the investor.

Our Response?

We have developed a proven, proprietary process that is disciplined, pragmatic and client-centric.

Communication Strategy

We design all required documents from prospectus to NAV in ways desirable to investors.

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We have seen that that optimal fund distribution does not occur without effective fund marketing and fund communications.

Successful distribution?

It is no coincidence that the most successful funds have strong brands and use communication strategy as a competitive advantage.

Distribution Strategy?

We deliver through quantifiable methods using traditional and digital initiatives.

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FM + FC = FD

Why follow the same path as 95% of funds. Finscoms helps you to maximise your fund distribution capabilities through modern digital and traditional marketing techniques.

Have you asked yourself what it means to be fully effective? Do you know how to reach the investors directly? Do you know how to encourage investors to contact you directly?

Yes but you need to understand and communicate in the language of the investor. We know how to engage the investor.

We produce monthly reports delivering the tangibles from your investment into traditional and digital marketing.

Generally, the asset management industry uses 'push marketing' but this method is increasingly becoming ineffective. Penetration rates are less than 1%. Finscoms uses 'pull marketing' for the most part which encourages investors to reach out to you, these leads are far more promising.

What is the function of your website? We move away from the brochurial type site to one that actually benefits your target audience. Will you choose a revenue generating site, a conversion tool etc?

Don't appear on page 26 of a search engine. We work to improve your VISIBILITY.

Do you think your target audience would engage more with a video or a pdf? Video introductions, pitches, and prospectuses are set to become the standard. Show your audience that you are ahead of the competition.

Our Services

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We'll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.

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