How can Finscoms help you?

The criteria and conditions of identifying suitable projects for investment are complex. Investors need to be resourceful and astute in order to follow the changing quantitative and fundamental characteristics of multiple sectors that their investment strategies are predicated on. No sector is of course completely unaffected by movements of underlying economic or other variables be it established sectors such as Real Estate, Renewables, Infrastructure, Pharma, Fintech to newer sectors like ESG, Impact Investing and Green or Carbon Finance. Ultimately, becoming comfortable with the idiosyncrasies of an investment sector takes considerable time, research and analysis, resources, and all withouta guarantee of a positive outcome. 

How can Finscoms help you?

We can help reduce the time and resources spent by you by applying our own early stage due diligence and filtering.We aim to produce a quality deal flow filtrate. We canalso source projects guided by your investment parametersto include preference for off market, trophy assets, yield range, net exposure range, risk appetite, duration of holding period, leverage preference, etcwhilst ensuringthat we are as direct as possible to the principal owners or project initiators.We do not work with ‘joker brokers’and at all times we strive to protect the investors interests and filter out time wasters.

Finscoms helps you to find the right project, we provide tailor made services/approaches as every client is unique.

Finscoms offers a one-stop-shop service, a complete solution in the following:
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Asset Acquisition

with complete confidentiality, we source under a tailored acquisition mandate assets, securities, funds, and projects.
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we are approached by a large volume of projects looking for capital, as such we are able to cherry pick the very best. Please contact us for a bespoke list.
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Asset Disposal

through our experience, expertise, and seasoned network we help clients to shape and execute their disposal strategy.
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Emerging Sectors

our strategic positioning means that we are exposed to new and emerging sectors that we would be delighted to introduce you to. Please contact us for more information.
So, take the first step today and submit your details and marketing deck to Don’t have marketing materials? Our marketing team are here to help.
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