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Funds are reaching more investors through effective marketing & communications in a Digital age, is your fund best presented and marketed in this environ? Are you seeing a return on investment? Dont have the time to implement marketing as part of your distribution strategy?

Redesign Mkt Materials

Are your marketing materials visually engaging? Is your content ‘smart’ written in the style of your target audience?

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Is your digital and traditional marketing up to speed? Is it inactive or proactive? Finscoms are experts in marketing, communications and business development to within the Professional Services sector, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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Finscoms inspired and encouraged me to utilize digital marketing and distribution tools in addition to traditional strategies. In a fast changing world and swiftly evolving, global financial industry, Finscoms’ expertise and resources are invaluable to effective fund marketing and brand building. Edward Simpson’s innovative, progressive, game-changing philosophy and approach provide utmost value for money and maximum leverage of technology.

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Thomas Schumann

CEO, Thomas Schumann Capital/Water Security Fund

Finding and engaging with new clients/investors is important. However, it is holding onto existing clients/investors that is paramount. These are your bread and butter that which keeps you in business. From an asset manager’s perspective for example we now see most funds using reporting as an opportunity to communicate with investors. Whilst the leading funds use reporting and transactional notices as a jumping off point to communicate with investors and build a communication strategy around reporting to strengthen investor rela

Clients/investors now expect to receive relevant and useful content from their service providers and funds. To maintain production of such content quickly becomes time consuming and eats into the billable hour and hiring full time marketing staff is often not a merited expense. Outsourcing this production to a trusted firm for a fraction of the cost is now seen as the smartest method to overcome these problems. It is, however, vital that the marketer has an indepth understanding of your industry. Finscoms was established by industry professionals with significant experience and expertise, technical knowledge and a proven track record in relationship building, funds marketing, legal marketing and communications within the Financial Services Industry.

My experience working with Finscoms in particular, Edward Simpson, has been very good. They have met my expectations with regard to the projects that they have undertaken for my firm, and I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking to boost their visibility or market presence through traditional and digital marketing.

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Dr Max Ganado

Senior Partner, GANADO Advocates

Edward has provided our firm with excellent marketing and business development strategies. I would highly recommend Edward to anyone who is looking to maximise their marketing and business development initiatives.

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Craig Scarr

Senior Partner, Governance Risk and Internal Control Group – Mazars LLP, Mazars

Edward Simpson and Ken Carmody quickly recognized the dynamics of our objectives. In taking the time to understand why we felt compelled to design a forward-looking PE model, it became apparent their expertise matched our marketing goals. On all fronts, Finscoms exhibits the era of the Fintech evolution. Digital is the future. The latter is an expensive and questionable old school practice now outdated.

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M. Damian Billy

Founder/Managing Partner, Econophy

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Launching a fund?

Creating a new fund website can be daunting task, will it be a brochure site or will it assist in your route to the investor? Adding Fund Data, Prospectus, KiiD, requires a skill, contact us for more info on our Ultimate Fund Marketing & Distribution Alternative Toolkit

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We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.



Making use of sophisticated marketing materials?

Marketing Collateral Design

First impressions count, fund prospectus’s can be large documents, with no colour and undigestible, we design a prospectus not only to create that all important first impression, to work with clients to see the value of ‘traditional print & online’. We can design your funds prospectus and other documentation to include Keywords, SEO, Tags, tracking, analytics, producing so much more than a document. We can apply to;

  • NAV publication
  • Making a Prospectus and other marketing documents available to potential investors
  • Meeting requirements in relation to Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) being provided to investors before they invest in a UCITS
  • Publication of semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Shareholder notifications
  • Notices for Shareholder General Meetings
  • Key performance indicators such as investment performance versus benchmark

Contact us and we can show you our great designs and how our clients benefit from our Marketing Collateral Design services.


Do you know how to reach out to the modern investor?

Digital Marketing

In this post AIFMD world using traditional ‘push’ marketing across global markets is an expensive way to attain very low penetration. Is there a better way?

To overcome you must adapt. A dynamic fund marketing strategy will steer the fund toward reverse solicitation, inbound rather than push marketing. Spray and pray marketing is not effective. Those achieving the highest rates of penetration now rely on digital marketing tools, making the most of their marketing assets such as their website and reaching prospects through video, webinars and social media.

Coupling sophisticated investment strategy with sophisticated digital marketing strategy is now the way forward and is the next major initiative to be assimilated into the sector. Those who adapt earliest will see greatest reward.


Are you sure your identity is strong enough?

Corporate Branding

In a congested funds industry, brand recognition and brand equity is vital. Identifying, defining and marketing your brand is crucial in your company’s growth and success.

A corporate brand identity establishes a strategic framework and creative platform upon which to market your products and services. Your brand is the first thing to be seen by your target audience, and is what binds that all important first impression to one of brand loyalty.

Whether you are about to launch a fund or looking at boosting your brand equity to an existing fund, our professional branding services provide companies with a brand identity that encapsulates a company’s vision, values, personality, positioning and image. We believe in developing a corporate branding strategy as the first critical step to ensure the key components that comprise of a corporate identity meet your goals and objectives.

Our Corporate Brand Identity Solution includes: corporate logo design, artwork and creative typography, a branding strategy, and a brand manual enabling your brand to be standardised across all platforms from marketing collateral to website to communication’s and marketing.

For more on how to boost your brand equity please email us

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A central marketing resource for Law Firms, Trusts, and Funds

Marketing Support

Funds today are keen to explore on how they can and should be marketing, improving the way managers articulate their differential advantages across each of the evaluation factors investors use to select hedge funds. Do you have the time or expertise to manage correctly?

marketing-materials-300x199-1 HomeBy working with Finscoms a fund will free up time, save costs, and effectively ‘market’ their fund to investors. As an alternative asset marketer we know that creating an effective process for identifying investors and pitching the fund, communication the funds performance and the investment opportunity to a fund is key to the fund’s success. We can become your central marketing resource or act in a consultative manner. Our strengths in this area are within;

Developing a successful marketing strategy

Creating a PR, advertising, and conference strategy

Providing valuable intelligence regarding the global fund market place

  • Funds of Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Client Asset Management Firms
  • Private Banks
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Sovereign Funds
  • Structured Product Desks
  • Ultra High Net Worth Clients

Through our global network of locally focused, independent, alternative fund marketers we offer alternative investment managers the advantages of global distribution through a single channel.

We provide a one-stop marketing service from brand management to SEO to Social Media to website design to marketing strategy to analytics to video production and marketing.

For more information please contact Edward Simpson


Securely host your marketing material for clients to access

Cloud Hosting

Your website should be the main channel for promotion of the fund and investment products. Hosting your marketing and regulatory materials means greater engagement.

We are advocates of ‘pull’ marketing rather than ‘push’ marketing. Rather than trying to shove various promotional documents down the neck of an investor instead invite them to pick and choose at their leisure. Create greater transparency with existing clients by giving them access to performance related publications rather than sending them once a month, this builds trust and loyalty.

We can create data rooms with various levels of tailored restriction which can allow you to collaborate easily with clients, potential investors, fund lawyers, fund accountants etc. Data rooms are also a smart way of making sure you only market to eligible investors and have become very popular within the asset management sector as a result.



The future of marketing, be first

Video Marketing

This is a rapidly growing area, it now looks unusual if you do not have video content on your website. You are given an opportunity to introduce yourself to investors and clients on your terms. With a pre-recorded video there is no excuse to not make the correct first impression.

Over 65% of the content on the internet is video and Youtube has become the second most popular search engine. By choosing to use video content you are opening yourself up to a huge market. Finscoms can guide you and set your video production rolling so that when ready you can take ownership.

If you consider the scenario of reaching out to an investor. If you were to send out a pdf prospectus your penetration rates are 0.2%, the pdf may not even get through the firewall and if it does it joins the pile of tens and tens of other heavy prospectus documents faced by the investor. By using video (preferred medium in the US) to record an executive summary of your fund you are essentially taking a shortcut to a face to face meeting, you are using your charisma to present your passion which is very hard to represent in text form. Now you have drastically improved your chances of capital raising. You can also use video to produce regular news feeds to promote yourself as an authority in your field, a great way to build relationships and trust.


Build online communities and enhance your reputation

Online Communities

Do you feel social media is not relevant to your industry? Would you be surprised to hear that the largest growing demographic using twitter is the 55-64 age group and 45-54 on Facebook and Google+?

Asset managers are adopting social media as regulatory groups recognise it as suitable means to communicate. It is a way of reaching out to millions with the feel of a one to one scenario. Regarded as the most cost effective way to get your message heard. However, for most companies, having a presence on LinkedIn or Twitter, for example, is simply not enough. To get the maximum benefit out of your social media strategy, you need to do the following:

  • Promote your message and business in a manner that will not saturate or bombard your followers
  • Manage your community by attracting people you want to talk to as opposed to building up ‘fans’ of your page or feed
  • Engage consistently with your community and offer feedback, responses or thoughts on particular issues as they come up
  • Become an authority in your field by providing useful information to your community on a regular basis

We understand that managing social media platforms can be extremely time consuming. Our expert team can help you through the process through what we describe as ‘planned spontaneity’, where your message to your community is mapped out in advance. We can also help you manage the reaction to your messages through ongoing engagement with your followers.


Boost your visibility online, through engaging white hat SEO

Boost Your Visibility

There’s not much point in building an attractive, useful website if no one ever visits it. SEO is all about convincing Google that your site is the best place to send people who are looking for what you offer. See our offerings below.

SEO Health Check

Ever questioned why your services don’t rank well on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo? We will review your site, those of your competitors – if you have any! – producing a valuable SEO report for your business. This report is packed with tips and recommendations, so dont leave your search engine rankings suffering, act now by contacting us 

SEO Services

We focus on increasing the visibility of your site, driving targeted traffic, and then converting this traffic through engaging copy, video, targeted messaging. How does your site rank, wondered why you have high bounce rates, traffic isn’t converted into enquiries? Combining proven SEO with effective content marketing is singlehandedly the most effective way to generate new business.

SEO Management

We manage our clients SEO, from keyword strategy, to the technical side (removing backlinks for example), we also generate SEO friendly and engaging content for your site.

If you are not ranking well, need a boost, which keywords/strings to rank, or would like us to manage your SEO requirements then below is what we provide to our clients on a monthly basis (many of which upgrade to a more bespoke service):

  • Full technical website, market and competitor analysis and benchmark keyword report – this will set out what areas of the site need work and how they will be addressed
  • Organic white-hat link building
  • Content creation of up to 2 x 500 word articles per month, or content creation for existing pages, i.e. writing page headers or product descriptions.
  • Social media management of 2-3 posts per week over all necessary social feeds to build community and link traffic back to website
  • Website optimisation including fixing and adding in necessary meta tags, heading code and alt tags.
  • 5-10 keyword rankings
  • Monthly report showing progress

Contact us to find out more



Use our experience to make the perfect first impression

First Impression

The fund industry is without doubt overcrowded. How does a fund stand out?

Corporate Branding. A fund must create brand recognition and build brand equity. This is a potent tool to distinguish yourself from the competition, to create a good first impression, to have a positive association in the mind of prospects and strengthen client loyalty.

Face to Face. There are so many smart ways to get in front of the investor today e.g. video content, webinar etc. Once given the chance to impress you must take it. We advise on best practice for engaging with the many different types of investor. We modernise and innovate how you communicate, move you away from tired industry industry rhetoric to speaking the language of the investor.


Bespoke web design to set you apart

Website Design & Build

The website has become the cornerstone of the modern fund marketing strategy. It has been proven to be the single most important tool for improving client service and extending fund distribution. What is your website’s function?

website-design-and-build-300x199-1 HomeWe believe that a website is so much more than an ‘online brochure’, there are too many examples of where a website is built to satisfy a to do list without actually addressing the function of a website. A website can be a communications tool, a revenue generator, a value add to investors/clients/target audience, we work with our clients to create a site that not only has a function (and therefore is an asset to you), but its design represents you and your business creating that all important first impression. We deliver a Content Management System that enables you to have complete control over the site, by becoming your own publisher gives you the opportunity to build and drive communities around your services.


We can also host your site and manage it for you (adding content, images, coding, google analytics, link building strategy), rest assured we can move your current site or if you are looking to build a new site, from concept to implementation into your business strategy.


Custom ways to introduce your business to others

Events and Webinars

Would it be fair to say that in general there is a disconnect between an asset manager’s financial acumen and marketing prowess? Asset managers are beginning to realise that they are now more than ever deeper in the business of marketing than in the business of investing.

It is common place for asset managers to use complex financial jargon when presenting to investors. Vastly different to the type of language a fund manager would use day to day and lacking resonance from the investor’s point of view. A relationship must be built between the asset manager and the investor before any capital is acquired. You are far more likely to build a relationship with an investor if you communicate in their language rather than relying on tired industry rhetoric.

We advise our clients on roadshows, events and webinar strategies. Through our networks we can put you in front of suitable audiences but even more importantly we will show you how best to keep their attention. Strictly presenting figures on performance, portfolio diversification, portfolio risk management etc…will not engage the majority of investors. They’ve heard it all before, again, and again, and again. Of course these topics are important but the investor will not focus on them until he/she is engaged. Performance doesn’t matter if the investor has forgotten who you are as soon as you leave the room.



Ensure all your marketing material is compliant

Regulation & Compliance

When did you last check your marketing deck with compliance? Is your website compliant? A fund is required to issue communications to stakeholders to satisfy fiduciary, regulatory and legal obligations. Do you view this as an administrative drudge?

You can use these obligations to strengthen your relationship with the investor and other parties whilst ensuring you do no fall foul of regulation and we can all cite high profile examples of hefty fines. Change your communications strategy regarding compliance to an open, transparent and well designed communication to investors. Speak their language, let them see how well the fund is being managed and see the relationship solidify. There is plenty of scope for this;

  • NAV publication
  • Meeting requirements in relation to Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) being provided to investors before they invest in a UCITS
  • Publication of semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Shareholder notifications
  • Notices for Shareholder General Meetings
  • Key performance indicators such as investment performance versus benchmark

The fund’s message must be consistent across all of your mediums to avoid confusion and keep focus on the core message. The smart fund manager will deliver messages about updates and services through social media, the website, intranets, extranets. It is advisable to communicate regularly and stay in line with the investment philosophy and the strategy of the firm, this helps provide a ‘true to label’ comfort level for the client/investor. However Funds must ensure that their communications in fully compliant, as such Finscoms works with our partners to ensure this is the case.

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