20 Tips for Implementing the Marketing of Your Fund

 TIP #1: Without an effective marketing infrastructure – marketing of the fund, group or individual level is virtually impossible. A few essentials:

  • A business and marketing plan for the fund, groups, and individuals.
  • Someone assigned to coordinate the marketing activities of the fund. In a large fund a marketing director and a team of marketing professionals are typically employed. Small Funds appoint a focal person such as the administrator or office manager.
  • A Fund identity plan that is used consistently in all external communication collateral marketing materials such as letterhead, business cards, web sites, powerpoint presentations, brochures, newsletters, press releases, media kits, seminar handouts, etc. This plan should be developed to differentiate and reflect the image of the Fund.
  • Quality collateral marketing materials.
  • A content-driven web site. The web site should be database driven to facilitate easy updating.
  • A contact database of clients/investors, referral sources, target and prospective clients, media sources, etc.
  • Content such as articles, case studies, performance reports, that demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Fund.


TIP #2: Don’t copycat. Brand yourself. Look for ways to differentiate yourself and your Fund from your competitors. Become the only Fund that can do what you do. Create a five-year plan for goal accomplishment.


TIP #3: Launch a program to obtain client feedback on client needs, opportunities, and quality of Fund services. A follow-up/problem resolution system must be part of the program.


TIP #4: Create the culture and environment. Marketing and client service needs to be incorporated into the culture of the Fund. All staff should have a role in marketing. Over time a marketing mindset will emerge.


TIP #5: Provide marketing training/coaching staff.


TIP #6: Improve time management skills of everyone in the Fund.


TIP #7: Establish daily marketing goals and measure your personal marketing results on a daily basis. Analyze successes and failures.


TIP #8: Get out of the office. Visit a client’s place of business once a month.


TIP #9: Write an article every other month.


TIP #10: Take a client to lunch once a week.


TIP #11: Improve your communication skills with both clients and office teammates.


TIP #12: Prepare and submit press releases monthly to clients, prospective clients, and media.


TIP #13: Learn how to become “solutions orientated” and become a consultant to your clients as opposed to simply their asset manager. Think out-of-the-box and outside of typical frameworks in which you are comfortable.


TIP #14: Explore the feasibility of ancillary businesses.


TIP #15: Get your newsletter on track and on a consistent basis (at least quarterly).Send via e-mail.


TIP #16: Join trade associations and make contributions in the form of articles, speeches, conference attendance, etc.


TIP #17: Establish a marketing library to include general materials on marketing as well as specific publications related to your clients business.


TIP #18: Create a new client niche and market your unique experiences intensely. Strive to develop a national reputation in the niche.


TIP #19: Focus your marketing on no more than 2-3 key areas in which you can differentiate yourself.


TIP #20: Develop and practice the following leadership behaviours:

  • Formulate and articulate a shared vision for the Fund.
  • Lead the fight for constructive organizational change.
  • Develop and foster an effective management team.
  • Develop problem solving and multiple options thinking skills.
  • Take intelligent risks.
  • Make tough decisions.
  • Establish both Fund goals and performance goals.
  • Seek input from others.
  • Coach and develop others.
  • Confront and deal directly
  • Hold everyone in the Fund accountable for actions and performance.

Many funds do not have the time or skills to necessary to implement these tips, we do, talk to us to see what we value we can bring to your fund.

Ken Carmody    kmc@finscoms.com