Finscoms adds to its Executive Management Team

Finscoms adds to its Executive Management Team

Tim-Montagu1080-1024x639 Finscoms adds to its Executive Management Team

Finscoms are delighted to welcome Tim Montagu aboard our executive management team. Tim most recently worked for HSBC in their structured finance department, covering professional services clients and those from any sector suited to private equity backed leverage.

“Tim is a natural fit to our clients in their route to the investor, the sourcing of projects and for those requiring assistance with their marketing and communications strategies. We are all excited to work with Tim developing our ESG service line for the benefit of all”   Edward Simpson, co-managing partner 

“I am pleased to join Finscoms who have a clear proposition to assist businesses and investors in finding synergies and communicating their brand.  Financial services often work in silos defined by their investment parameters and risk appetite.  Working across the industry with a strong network and project selection process, gives Finscoms clients a great chance at a successful match and funding.”   Tim Montagu

Tim will have responsibility for Finscoms and our service lines in London and the UK, including a focus on ESG solutions for professional services firms who wish to demonstrate greater impact and keep pace with the sustainability agenda.

If you would like to contact Tim please email

Finscoms Named Best Financial Marketing & Communications Firm

Finscoms Named Best Financial Marketing & Communications Firm

AIaward-copy-1024x652 Finscoms Named Best Financial Marketing & Communications Firm

Acquisition International today named Finscoms ‘Best Financial Marketing & Communications Firm – the Republic of Ireland’.

Acquisition International, is an international, monthly digital business magazine committed to bringing its readers up to the minute news, comment and analysis. Acquisition International magazine launched in 2010, is circulated to in-excess of 108,000 professionals, including Top Tier Managers, Investment Professionals, Business Advisers and Service Providers.

Finscoms was chosen ahead of 5 other nominees in the category most notably for its dynamic strategy shift in response to a new playing field created by the global pandemic. Finscoms was able to increase exposure to its clients making the very most of the abundance of digital pathways created worldwide.  




Survey Records High Levels of Optimism for the Global Economic Recovery

Survey Records High Levels of Optimism for the Global Economic Recovery

bull-1024x683 Survey Records High Levels of Optimism for the Global Economic Recovery

BlogKMC-copy Survey Records High Levels of Optimism for the Global Economic Recovery

Article written by Ken Carmody.

PwC surveyed 5,050 CEOs mainly within organisations with revenues ranging from $100m to over $25b in 100 countries and territories in January and February 2021. The bottom line is that 76% of these global business leaders predict that economic growth will improve in 2021. The PWC Annual Global CEO Survey shows optimism is especially prevalent in North America and Western Europe, with 86% and 76% of CEOs, respectively, from these regions anticipating improved global growth in the year ahead.

The PwC Annual Global CEO Survey certainly tallies with our own straw poll within the Finscoms investor network and is a great boon as we prepare for busy investment quarters ahead.

Here are our main takeaways:

The survey also highlights increased CEO confidence in revenue growth matching the long-term average. There is a wide variation seen across industries, reflecting the varying degrees to which consumer behaviour has ultimately been impacted by the global pandemic. CEOs within the technology and telecommunications sectors show the highest levels of confidence at 45% and 43%, respectively. Whereas, CEOs in the transportation and logistics (29%) and hospitality and leisure (27%) sectors are among the least confident about their chances of growing revenues over the next 12 months.

Interestingly, the survey findings also show that the US has increased its lead as the number one market for CEOs looking for growth over the next 12 months at 35%, seven percentage points ahead of China at 28%. In 2020, this is a six percent extension between the US and China in the favour of the US.

It is noted that US CEOs have bolstered their emphasis on Canada and Mexico as they move away from China. This is mainly due to new political developments and existing tensions. And on the other side of the coin, China CEOs report growing interest in large economies such as the USGermany and Japan as prime destinations for exports.

At 17%, Germany stays in third place on the list of growth destinations. The UK, post-Brexit, moves up to number four (11%), overtaking India (8%). Japan also rises up the ranking to become the sixth most attractive growth destination, surpassing Australia.



Ensuring Quality Deal Flow in Uncertain Times

Ensuring Quality Deal Flow in Uncertain Times

Flow-1024x751 Ensuring Quality Deal Flow in Uncertain Times

BlogKMC-copy Ensuring Quality Deal Flow in Uncertain Times

Article written by Ken Carmody for Family Office Magazine. Click below for full magazine.

FOM-212x300 Ensuring Quality Deal Flow in Uncertain Times

With the current climate of increased volatility and turbulence many Family Offices are now sitting on dry powder waiting for the inevitable opportunities and lower entry valuations that a U-shaped recovery is characterised by. With volatility still relatively high, the VIX is currently twice as high as it was at the start of 2020 but significantly lower than mid-March peak of 83.56, how can you mitigate risk and find the right investments? How can you control and assist investments to help ensure success? More and more Family Offices are looking to clearly define their position within relevant sectors and build a reputation that attracts the best quality compatible investment opportunities. From this juncture many then choose to invest directly, provide strategic guidance, and/or take a position on the board for increased control and the provision of added support for the entity that they have invested in. With such an entangled investment strategy, entrepreneurs, nascent fund founders, project owners, start-ups etc are interviewing the investor to the same degree as they themselves are being interviewed by said investor.

Positioning and Reputation Promulgation

The inclination of the Family Office to become an alternative to venture capital has been rapidly growing due to a repositioning of the traditional Family Office investment strategy and risk appetite. They are increasingly more open and active in venture, particularly in early-stage companies through direct investments and funds,” said John China, President of SVB Capital speaking in August at the release of the Campden Wealth Research Global Family Office. The report shows that Family Offices are increasingly allocating capital to early growth projects. Their latest report states that on average, 10% of overall Family Office portfolios are allocated to venture investing, “divided between direct investments (54% of the average VC portfolio) and funds (46%)”. The majority of Family Office investment allocations are made in the Seed and Series A rounds. The report shows us that this relatively new position of patient capital is providing returns of 14% on average and shows the importance of being well-positioned and being open to change.

Another example of clear positioning is the large move by Family Offices towards impact and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments. The attraction here is to be able to make a difference while making money. According to the UBS Global Family Office Report 2020, 39% of family offices intend to allocate most of their portfolios sustainably over the next five years, targeting exclusion-based strategies. This type of strategy is set to further increase significantly in the coming years.

To source high quality, attractive deals that match your criteria you must demonstrate clear definition of your objectives and let others know exactly what you are looking for. Be quite specific, allow people to know your sector preferences, your ticket size, EBITDA range, ROI expectancy etc this will narrow your focus and help with worthwhile matchmaking.

Building and managing your reputation will help your office to compete with private equity funds, banks etc in attracting quality deal flow. For example, by being helpful towards quality entrepreneurs whether you intend investing with them or not can help Family Offices to grow quality deal flow quicker than their peers. Within investment circles and entrepreneur networks word can travel fast about an investor who is a valuable source of expertise, ideas, and referrals. You will also need to clearly communicate what motivates your Family Office, your experience, your vision, and your values. This makes it altogether an easier task for potential value-alignment.

Direct Investment and Collaboration

There has been a significant increase in direct investment approaches by Family Offices over the past decade as Family Offices increase in sophistication. In the same recent Campden Wealth Research report, the research points to 76% of Family Offices investing directly in companies. On average, family offices in the study hold eight funds and 10 direct deals. Better value, greater control, and interest alignment are big motivations for this type of investment. Direct investments tend to be focussed in areas where families’ feel they have a competitive edge according to the latest Family Office Direct Investment Report from FINTRX.

Additionally, 72% of family offices provide strategic guidance, 70% participate on boards, and 70% facilitate investment networking according to the Campden report. These value-adds are what many organisations are now seeking as standard as these practices have been shown to help drive growth and returns. The Family Office is now seen as more than just a source of capital and this can help build a stronger more fruitful investment relationship.

The tendency among many investors is to wait to receive deal opportunities rather than getting out there and sourcing for themselves. Currently, we have noticed that the level and magnitude of network building during lockdown and restricted periods has increased due to the ease and acceptance of virtual meetings. It is as good a time as ever to proactively develop strong deal flow through the formation of relationships with companies and other deal sources. “Family offices are becoming a bit more public…. they are building a web presence…this is also partly a generational issue. People are now more used to sharing information and they are seeking deal-flow,” Russ D’Argento, founder and CEO at FINTRX, speaking earlier this year.  With the volume and appetite for webinars within the investment environs increasing there should be no shortage of opportunity to place yourself on a panel or develop as a thought leader via written articles and speaking roles. The most successful investment firms and direct investors that have developed an impressive network of deal partners, have representatives speaking at webinars, arranging break out web rooms with keen leads, and contributing in as much thought leadership as possible. Spending money on visibility is not vital but personal engagement is.

Forward-thinking Family Offices use their own stories as a way of uniquely competing against investment banks and private equity by striking a chord with certain entrepreneurs. How you craft and tell your story should not be underestimated. If your Family Office is looking to bolster its allocations for direct and quality alternative investments then, the onus is on you to be clear on your positioning and build a reputation that appeals to the most suitable investment opportunities.


Finscoms Voted Financial Services Marketing Company of the Year

Finscoms Voted Financial Services Marketing Company of the Year

Screen-Shot-2020-12-14-at-16.29.21-e1607969692917-1024x668 Finscoms Voted Financial Services Marketing Company of the Year

Finscoms is delighted to announce that it is a Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2020 winner in the category Financial Services Marketing Company of the Year. During the awards process 90,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and Corporate LiveWire subscribers were invited to nominate companies and individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas. Additionally, the Corporate LiveWire research team put forward a selection of firms which they felt were strongly deserving of recognition.

Corporate LiveWire noted Finscoms innovative approach to promoting and marketing the story of funds and projects ranging from ESG to infrastructure, from real estate to pharmaceuticals, from Fintech to Media and more. Finscoms manages clients across Europe, the US, and Asia whilst recently helping to launch a fund focussed on developing African communities socially and economically. Finscoms was also praised for helping to modernise the fund marketing approach by utilising the most sophisticated marketing tools that have proven successful in other industries.

Finscoms was brought to market with many goals in mind but one of our main goals was to modernise the fund sector which has always been considered quite conservative and traditional. It doesn’t need to be one or the other, we’ve seen tremendous success when the traditional is blended with the modern.” commented Edward Simpson, Co-managing partner at Finscoms. “Receiving this award and being acknowledged in this way further strengthens our belief in our strategy of regeneration and rejuvenation of the capital raising process.”

Contact Finscoms via with queries about capital raising for your project or fund.

+353 1202 4444

Looking for Investment? Finscoms are Listening

Looking for Investment? Finscoms are Listening

Search1080-1024x683 Looking for Investment? Finscoms are Listening

At Finscoms we receive many approaches from funds and projects looking to differentiate themselves from the rest and get attention from investors. As such we are in a position to cherry pick the best. Our screening and due diligence process leaves us to work with entities of which provide answers to market opportunities, and combine a sound business/financial model with corporate social responsibility, sustainability, scalability, and uniqueness.

These projects stand out from the rest as they also have compelling stories. We are proud to support them in translating their business strategy into stories that match our network’s vision and expectation. All projects and funds considered for advancement to our investor network are evaluated for their potential risk profile, impacts and economic quality.

The potential impact as well as the environmental and social risks of a project or fund are considered first. Projects are benchmarked by their social and environmental performance against conventional standards to ensure compliance and to test resilience. Projects and funds are also analysed quantitatively and qualitatively on technical and economic quality. Where possible we also use peer-group comparisons.

There are five stages to the Finscoms filtering process:

Step 1 – Submission

Candidates are invited to submit their details and marketing deck. If a nascent fund or project does not have a marketing deck we can help you to create one.

Step 2 – Preliminary Review

Once the marketing deck has been received into our ‘deal flow management system’ a member of our investment team will be assigned to your project for review. You will be notified if your enterprise will progress to the next stage or if it is declined. We provide brief feedback for each rejection.

Step 3 – Second Round

Bi-party NCNDA will be provided to protect both sides at this point. Further internal review by additional members of the Finscoms investment team. You will be requested to submit more detailed financial information about your fund or project at this juncture.

Step 4 – Video Interaction

We follow up with a video meeting to get a feel for your passion and enthusiasm for your enterprise. We dive in deeper to iron out any further questions from the internal review. Discuss strategy around bespoke targeting of investors rather than scatter gun approach.

Step 5 – Promote to Investors

Once our filtering stages are satisfied and once marketing materials are to our standards then, we introduce your project or fund to suitable investors in our network.

So, take the first step today and submit your details and marketing deck to Don’t have marketing materials? Our marketing team are here to help.  

+353 1202 4444