Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?

Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?

Humming-1 Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?

Other industries have benefited from Digital Marketing, should the fund sector follow suit?

HummingBird Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?
111fundicon Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?

Is there truly a positive return on investment? Are the results quantifiable?

Today if you are not engaged in Digital Marketing you are considered out-dated and failing to embrace technological evolution. The next generation coming through are all using smartphones, are you prepared? Everybody from investors, to fund managers should be a part of the digital world and use it to reach potential new clients. We all invest time and money in creating and maintaining our digital presence, some are truly effective with their digital marketing, have clear goals and achieve them. Many however simply follow the herd with no clear strategy, for example a law firm builds a new shiny website, and as time goes by they refresh it after 24 months.

At Finscoms we work with our clients to design & implement effective digital marketing and strategies to show immediate returns, we differentiate ourselves from others, as in the example above re the law firm website we would first work on the function of the site, what is it their to do?

Digital Marketing covers an immense area, with so many components, where does a fund start? Is it actually worth investing time, money and effort?

I’m afraid to say that for funds, the answer is…not always!

Why is this?

A fund doesn’t need to adopt the many components of Digital Marketing to show ROI, a Rolls Royce looks the part, but a mini gets does the same job in getting you from point A to B. From our experience we see that in the majority of fund’s & their objectives have not been defined clearly or that the ambitions set were too grand…or too humble…or that the budget was not sufficient.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this;

  1. A fund with relatively few investors, & with a very long investment term, should not implement a highly demanding digital marketing strategy. To the contrary, you must make the most of your resources and invest them at the most decisive times; at the end of an investment term, or when launching a new initiative, we know when is the right time, to target inbound investors, existing investors, your contact base.
  2. A fund that wishes to engage in a Digital Marketing campaign but does not have sufficient resources to enact optimally. To proceed could actually be counterproductive, create a bad image of your brand. In this case your objective is right but the assigned resources are not commensurate. We are experienced in where to invest and when with Digital Marketing.
light-bulb1 Digital Marketing: is it worth the investment?

Define your objectives for the short when commencing with a Digital marketing campaign.

Our advice is always to define objectives that will really support your current state of business, and not to project too far into the future as to what your communication strategy should be. Digital Marketing is flexible and you can leverage on this flexibility. But don’t forget: being efficient in a Digital era doesn’t mean you can avoid asking the right questions (and finding the right answers!) on your added value, your brand and your audience, prospects and clients.

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OGIER Fiduciary Services 
Re-brands as ELIAN 
following recent MBO

Ogier Fiduciary rebrands as Elian following an MBO. Led by Paul Willing as chief executive officer, and the existing management team, Elian have developed a clear, uncompromising vision: to continually deliver more value to clients by raising the bar and setting the standard in terms of client service in the company, fund and trust administration industry. 

Elian’s independent client service feedback programme is proof that Elian already provide amongst the highest client service in the industry today with 97% of clients stating they are satisfied with the service levels they currently receive. Elian are determined to do even better and firmly believe that they can with the additional investment now available following their MBO. 

Elian have also developed a comprehensive growth strategy both in terms of organic growth, consolidating their position in core markets, and a well-funded acquisition strategy that will give them critical mass in important new markets where their clients have a demand for services. 

Today Elian employs 500 people across 10 offices, following 15 years of back-to-back growth since their launch as Ogier Fiduciary Services in 1999.  The launch of our new brand harnesses the excitement and enthusiasm everyone in Elian shares in our relentless drive to provide the highest levels of client service in our industry.

Elian continues to be led by Paul Willing as CEO, and by their existing management team, and that there won’t be any change to Elian clients’ existing relationship teams. 

For more information on this please contact Paul Willing
 Chief Executive Officer
 E or visit Elian

Finscoms is a specialist communications and marketing services agency to the Asset Managment industry, talk to us if you are interested to boost your visibility online, and/or communicate effectively in what is a heavily congested content sector with everyone all trying to be seen.

No KIIDing large fund manager receives hefty fine

Please click on link below for interesting piece regarding KIID documents, giving further proof that our services to funds, fund managers

play a very important role post AIFMD:


ONPOINT / A legal update from Dechert’s Financial Services Practice

Finscoms is a specialist communications and marketing services agency to the Asset Managment industry, talk to us if you are interested to boost your visibility

online, and/or communicate effectively in what is a heavily congested content sector with everyone all trying to be seen.

Strategic Communication


No matter how large or small a business is, it is important to implement some communication activities in order to make people and indeed prospective clients aware of your organisation. You cannot sit idly by and expect to be inundated with inbound communications.  Similarly, you cannot engage in a very brief and simple communications campaign and expect to generate long effective client acquisition.


Marketing and communication must be taken on as a long-term commitment, not only to build up the brand of a business but also to secure a steady stream of customers and constantly appeal to potential ones. A marketing and communications strategy is a detailed plan of the initiatives that you intend to implement over the course of time. Supported by a system that allows you to evaluate your strategy will help you to define the areas that you need to improve upon.


When putting together a marketing and communications strategy it is vital to evaluate some of the key elements and sections of your business model. You must clearly define your unique selling point, and be clear about your mission statement; defining your statement will allow employees a consistent point of reference when dealing with communicative endeavors.


A difficult task when communicating with your clients can be defining your tone, but it is vital that you do this. Most if not all organisations want to attract as many clients as possible, however if the communication between you and your clients does not have consistency, then you stand to lose them.