BirdMobile-1 Are SEO campaigns worth the effort?

Almost every business now has a website, but the similarities stop there… The quality and success of company websites is as varied as the companies themselves.

So will an SEO campaign actually help your business? The first thing you have to do is answer these questions:

  • What is the function of your website?
  • Is it to convert new clients?
  • Is it to service your existing clients?
  • Is it to create enquiries?
Search1080 Are SEO campaigns worth the effort?
samuel-beckett-bridge Are SEO campaigns worth the effort?

So will an SEO campaign actually help your business? ​

If you cannot answer these questions, SEO is definitely not for you. Until you understand that core function of your website, it is impossible to optimise it effectively. But if you know what the core function of your website is, and the design is perfect, you may still not be ready for the next step…

Is the text written in such a way that it truly engages with the visitor whilst fulfilling its SEO role also? Remember, the content on your site is crucial for your site to perform well in SEO rankings, yet it also has to be engaging enough to keep the visitor on your site. So the task becomes more complex. Visitors to your website are savvy, and from the moment they land on your page they must be engaged.

Within the Offshore centres over 80% – yes 80% – of the websites are brochurial, and two dimensional. They are not even an effective communications tool, and have little or no value add to the recipient. However, a well designed site with a function, can achieve so much through SEO.

EMDS3 Are SEO campaigns worth the effort?

​​Your website visitors have come seeking business intelligence and if the information isn’t both easy to access and engaging, they will simply keep on searching the web until they find a provider that can give them the answers they are require, in a way they enjoy.

Finscoms specialise in creating engaging content that will not only optimise your website for search engines, but also fulfil the desires of your visitor that will engage and inform them and most crucially, create inbound enquiries. So you may not actually require an SEO campaign at all. Indeed, you may not even need to redesign your website. But what you must have, is engaging informative content that gives your visitor the information they require quickly.

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