SEO & Digital Marketing for Business

Make sure your business reacts to movements and trends in the digital market by utilising an SEO and Digital Marketing package from Finscoms.  Stay one step ahead of your competitors and allow us to manage your website and online presence utilising tried and tested methods, approved by the major search engines, to enhance your website, social media feeds and digital community.

Our Monthly Package covers all necessary areas to ensure you make the most for your digital assets.

Services include:

1) Website Optimisation – ensuring your website uses the most advanced code techniques and technology is essential, staying visible to users and search engines is vital and we can develop your website to make sure you reach your full market.

2) Social Media Management – connect with your existing customers base and attract new clients by utilising the right social applications, we can set up, customise and manage your feeds to ensure your taking about the right topics at the right time.

3) Content and copy creation – our team of copywriters specialise in creating content for Funds and Offshore legal and accountancy firms. Adding keyword rich relevant content to your website will ensure you site progresses upwards in the search rankings and attracts traffic looking to purchase your products and services. Google ranks content as its key factor in deciding where to place a website in the search traffic and we will ensure your site has the right quality and quantity of content.

4) E-Mail Marketing – connecting with your existing and potential customers is vital. We can provide flexible and competitive packages to manage your e-mail marketing making sure your message reaches the right people.

Finscoms can provide a fully customisable package, bespokely created to match the needs of your business to ensure your digital presence is working for you.

SEO & Digital Marketing for Individuals

You spend hours every week working hard and promoting your business. Your companies assets need to be operating perfectly to ensure growth and margin increases, but many businesses fail to optimise one major asset group – their staff. Your employees form a core asset group and that group needs and optimise digital presence to ensure they represent your interests to a high level in the digital environment.

A personal SEO and Digital Marketing Package can enhance your employee’s digital presence by utilising a tool set proven to enhance and promote your staff in the digital market place.

Our Personnel services include:

1) Social Profile Optimisation – your staff will already have social media profiles in the personal lives, Facebook, linked-in, twitter and many more. These feeds can be optimised to ensure your staff use there digital profiles to market your business effectively and support

Companywide campaigns. Creating new business profiles for your key staff members can help create a digital community around your website and enhance your online message.

2) Personal Websites – Your key staff members will have reputations independently from your business. Long term personal relationships with clients’ help your company operate and retain clients. This can be enhanced by providing your key staff members with personal websites, allowing them to details there personal history and projects, contact details and social profiles. The personal sites act to enhance your Main business site and will ensure digital relationships mirror that of traditional ones.

Finscoms can provide SEO and marketing packages customised to your business and staff requirements, to ensure your staff work as efficiently in the digital market as they do in the traditional one.