KMCWeb Manage Your Brand Correctly

Ken Carmody

Within the congested asset management sector, brand recognition and brand equity is key. Ascertaining, defining and marketing your brand is vital in your company’s growth and success. A corporate brand identity establishes a strategic framework and creative platform upon which to market your products and services. Your brand is the first thing to be seen by your target audience, as you seek to transition a good first impression to brand loyalty. Successful branding can be a powerful way for funds to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It is your corporate face to the outside world. Here are a few rules to follow;


  1. Keep your brand consistent. Consistency is what builds familiarity and, in the long run, trust. Corporate branding should be uniformly presented across all marketing channels to enhance your fund’s image and reputation and bind all marketing and sales activities under one voice.


  1. Listen to your audience. Your audience can provide a wealth of information regarding how your brand is perceived. Reach out to them for feedback. This will also strengthen your client relationship as they will feel a part of the process.


  1. Make use of social media. Like it or not, social media plays an enormous part in the success or failure of every brand. Using these platforms is relatively inexpensive and is instant. It allows you to speak directly to your target audience, gauge reactions to brand strategies and get instant feedback.


  1. Be willing to adapt. A brand isn’t something you build once and then never revisit. You need to revise and refine it, adapting it to changes in your marketing environment in order to remain relevant.


  1. Protect and defend your brand. Defend your trademarks, lock up domain names, write brand usage guidelines, and enforce brand-usage rules.


Whether you are about to launch a fund or looking at boosting your brand equity to an existing fund, our professional branding services provide companies with a brand identity that encapsulates a company’s vision, values, personality, positioning and image. We believe in developing a corporate branding strategy as the first critical step to ensure the key components that comprise of a corporate identity meet your goals and objectives.