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Email marketing, despite its’ rather low conversion rate, has remained a staple of both communicating with and maintaining relationships with our customers. No matter how many figures we read about the daily usage of various social media platforms, the one almost universal fact is that everyone checks their email….daily, if not hourly or even every few minutes.

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The one almost universal fact is that everyone checks their email.

The proliferation of smartphones has led to us all being even more contactable, as it were, so if should be no surprise to see the maintained usage of email marketing. However, many organisations have not adapted their email marketing to reflect this new method of accessing one’s email on what is essentially a much smaller screen.

The following nuggets are meant to help broaden the scope of Mobile Email Marketing:

  • Easy as you go: many consumers are multi screening when they open their email on their mobile device, hence their attention levels are not at 100%. So presenting them with an easy to read and actionable email is vital, otherwise the email will most likely be deleted upon opening, or unsubscribed to.
  • Little by little: Taking the easier mobile route when one can. It is preferable to start with a mobile design email first, and then build up to a full desktop version of that same email. It is easier to expand a mobile layout, than it is to retrofit a desktop compatible email in a smaller mobile form.
  • RSVP Response: Responsive Email Design, allowing your email designers to create different layouts that will recognise and adapt to the device’s display screen size will result in a versatile email blast that will access each recipients screen accordingly.
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​​The foundations: A well-designed, attractive template is vitally important, adding a video feature or widget that can play in place will add an extra dimension to the already immersive world of the mobile device.

  • Entice while you can: You must make it easy for your viewer to act, there are always barriers- loading times that are slower than usual, destination landing pages, some of which may not be mobile friendly. Engaging with the reader there and then is vital, try not to divert them to another web page. The copy and imagery of your email needs to entice them there and then.