Finscoms partners with tech company Senasen

Finscoms partners with tech company Senasen

Senasen_logotype_Black_RGB Finscoms partners with tech company Senasen
We are delighted to announce the collaboration between the highly rated platform Senasen and Finscoms.

FinsSen Finscoms partners with tech company Senasen

Finscoms and Senasen today announce their partnership to provide greater communication scope for asset managers, private companies, public companies, and investors. Senasen is a dedicated platform that brings businesses together and empowers growth. Senasen harnesses the latest technology to create a more productive business environment. One that does away with advertising, social media and data capture to focus purely on helping your business to grow. Bringing the right people together for the right reasons. To make meaningful connections. To make progress.

Companies and asset managers are looking for more effective ways to interact directly with their investors under regulatory changes, such as MiFID II. With markets becoming more jittery, investors are also seeking more effective real time channels of engagement. This new platform enables companies and asset managers of all types and sizes to profile themselves and interact directly with their current and potential investors.


Unlike other platforms, Senasen provides customised functions for each user type, allowing users to meet a variety of their needs.

The company’s management team has extensive experience in the asset management and banking sectors. It is advised by Professor Amin Rajan, CEO of CREATE Research and Herbie Skeete, MD of Mondo Visione. Building on this expertise, Senasen will continue to innovate and enhance its product over the years ahead and has ambitious plans already underway.

Finscoms and Senasen will work in parallel to produce and distribute quality content.


Image-Blair-video-still-2-1-300x180 Finscoms partners with tech company Senasen

“We’re not restricted to one sector or industry. Our vision is to create the biggest global network of companies, asset managers and investors – removing unnecessary barriers and taking engagement to a higher level.

About Senasen

Senasen –  is a London-based technology company that aims to use digital solutions to bring together companies, asset managers and investors across all sectors and geographies. Founded in 2018 by Blair McPherson, Senasen is committed to promoting corporate transparency, openness and good governance. It is driven by a mission to bring the best of the digital economy to the practice of investor engagement.


Finscoms – is a full marketing services agency. What we do is help structure and implement efficient marketing strategies. Through us you can create a marketing resource that encompasses everything from strategy definition to day-to-day marketing operations, from thought leadership to Business Development/sales approach. We become your differentiator, your marketing support, contact us to see how we can make an immediate difference.


If​ ​you​ ​would​ ​like​ ​to​ ​learn​ ​more​ ​about​ ​how​ ​Finscoms​ ​can​ ​help​ ​with​ ​your​ ​fund​ ​raising please​ ​do​ ​make​ ​contact​ ​with​ ​Edward​ ​at​ [email protected]

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OGIER Fiduciary Services 
Re-brands as ELIAN 
following recent MBO

Ogier Fiduciary rebrands as Elian following an MBO. Led by Paul Willing as chief executive officer, and the existing management team, Elian have developed a clear, uncompromising vision: to continually deliver more value to clients by raising the bar and setting the standard in terms of client service in the company, fund and trust administration industry. 

Elian’s independent client service feedback programme is proof that Elian already provide amongst the highest client service in the industry today with 97% of clients stating they are satisfied with the service levels they currently receive. Elian are determined to do even better and firmly believe that they can with the additional investment now available following their MBO. 

Elian have also developed a comprehensive growth strategy both in terms of organic growth, consolidating their position in core markets, and a well-funded acquisition strategy that will give them critical mass in important new markets where their clients have a demand for services. 

Today Elian employs 500 people across 10 offices, following 15 years of back-to-back growth since their launch as Ogier Fiduciary Services in 1999.  The launch of our new brand harnesses the excitement and enthusiasm everyone in Elian shares in our relentless drive to provide the highest levels of client service in our industry.

Elian continues to be led by Paul Willing as CEO, and by their existing management team, and that there won’t be any change to Elian clients’ existing relationship teams. 

For more information on this please contact Paul Willing
 Chief Executive Officer
 E [email protected] or visit Elian

Finscoms is a specialist communications and marketing services agency to the Asset Managment industry, talk to us if you are interested to boost your visibility online, and/or communicate effectively in what is a heavily congested content sector with everyone all trying to be seen.

In a very congested world tell your story to generate the interest in youIts important for your story to be heard

We support our clients in generating interest in their project or fund. we have specialisms in traditional and digital marketing, communications, distribution within those looking to raise capital/funds. We share our insight and expertise, sign up to our news

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