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To do or not to do.
Funds today are faced with ever increasing decisions to make in their route to raising capital.

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A small investment into a marketing and communications strategy will return huge dividends.​

How successful are funds in getting through to their target audience? Do funds invest in and/or adopt best marketing and communication practices? The answer is invariably ‘No’, funds don’t have the time nor experience, the only question they have is ‘how much capital will they raise?’.

Whether you are looking to raise 10 million or 100 million+ it is not possible to simply go into the outside world armed with a fund prospectus – often these prospectuses are over 100 pages long, are black & white and are indigestible – this is a well worn route taken by many other similar type funds.

A small investment into a marketing and communications strategy will return huge dividends, to understand what an investor is looking for and provide this is the KEY to raising capital. With the advent of the digital era, many investors are using search engines to find the next fund to invest in, too often they visit a website with no information i.e. fund performance to convert the investor to make contact.

Clearly a brand, a proactive website, and being seen and improve on search engine rankings deliver instant returns. Would you prefer to have inbound enquiries from investors as opposed to little or no momentum from say high retainers paid to third party marketing agencies? With a heaviliy congested route to the investor, ever wondered where are the investors and how to get your message in front of them to create an awareness of your fund all for a low investment?

Don’t get me wrong there are limited tangibles from traditional and digital initiatives, by changing the mindset in your route to raising capital, by understanding the needs of your target audience, be they 10 or 100+ will pay instant returns.

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Here at Finscoms we understand the digital and traditional platforms used to catch the eye, but and there is always a but, we through digitalization, marketing and communications strategy get you moticed by your target audience with instant results, all for a low investment.

A website is no longer an online brochure for your fund, it does and delivers on so much more. Get it right and you are on your way to raising capital in a digital environ, get it wrong and you are just one of hundreds of thousands of websites doing similar. Content and video marketing are key, but must all be in line with regulatory & compliance.

Imagine a video prospectus…

Imagine projecting your charisma through video…

Imagine making a flawless first impression…

Contact us, tell us your pain points in raising capital and you’ll find you not the only ones dealing with poor results, high costs, low penetration/conversion. Time to be efficient with your marketing and communications with instant tangibles, this is our bread and butter, what have you got to lose?