Using social media to control your brand

It feels like everyone’s talking about social media but what you may not know is that it’s not just for sharing your products and services. Social media plays an important role in controlling how your business is portrayed in public. Here we’ve shared some of the different ways you can use social media to control your brand.

Share your brand message via social media

Today people of all ages use social media as a form of communication, so it’s very likely that your target audience will be there ready and waiting for you. Verify your social media accounts to distinguish your brand from fake or fan pages and begin building your content.

It’s extremely important that you remain consistent across all of your social media pages. Their design should be in keeping with your company branding and the content they feature must always illustrate your brand message to your target audience.

Spend time filling in the company info / about us type sections. Your target audience wants to know all there is to know about your brand, so make sure the information is easy to find. The more information you provide, the more professional you will appear to users, giving them a more positive impression of your business.

Engage with customer queries

Whilst social media is great for sharing content and driving traffic to your website, it is also fantastic for engaging with customers and answering their questions.

Make it your mission to answer customer queries as quickly as possible. The quicker you reply with an answer, the happier the customer will be. Providing your answer meets their needs, they will see your business as one that offers efficient and effective customer service and will be more inclined to recommend it to others.

Other social media users are likely to notice that you reply to customer queries quickly and will also feel more positive about your brand.

Dealing with complaints

Dealing with complaints isn’t always the easiest of tasks but if someone complains on one of your brand’s social media pages, it is recommended that you respond quickly.

The way in which you deal with complaints on social media will have a huge impact on how people feel about your brand.

If you are apologetic, polite and helpful to the customer making the complaint, you stand a good chance of coming out of the situation on top. However if you ignore the complaint or are rude to the customer, people will either assume you’ve got something to hide or see you as unprofessional, neither of which is good for business.

Take control of your brand by dealing with social media complaints proactively. Most of the time you’ll be able to resolve the issue and win customers, rather than lose them.

Hiring digital marketers

Whilst many business owners understand the importance of social media and how it can be used to control their brand, not everyone has the time to invest in it. Thankfully, you can hire professional digital marketing experts to help!

If you don’t have time for social media or struggle to understand how to get the most from it, working with a digital marketing expert will help you to achieve your goals. They will be able to help you formulate a strategy for social media and be on hand throughout the day to answer customer queries and complaints on your behalf.

The opportunities provided by social media aren’t something your business can afford to miss out on. From sharing your brand message with a wider audience to portraying a positive image through answering customer queries, social media can help you to take full control of your brand. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start exploring its benefits.


Ken Carmody