EMDS3 Why Use Twitter?

Edward Simpson

Why is Twitter important for your business?

Twitter is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers. While the platform itself may not have had obvious business advantages in its’ early incarnation, namely the restrictive 140 character messaging capability, the growth in Twitter’s popularity has now put those initial doubts firmly to bed.

It may not be your favourite social media platform, but it has undeniable ability in terms of stretching the reach of your business.

Twitter simply has to be included in any social media campaign your business conducts.

Here’s why:

  • On average, 7500 thousand people join Twitter every day.
  • Twitter has 310 million users monthly, and counting……
  • Gaining a following on Twitter means that you have a group of loyal and engaged consumers actively seeking out your tweets – building online communities around you and your business
  • Therefore, if your tweets are not useful, engaging , helpful or enticing, your followers will decline!!! We can help you with engaging and enticing tweets
  • It is a great platform to market new products, simply by posting your company logo and the product details together.
  • Update followers about events, news, services you provide or products you sell
  • Sponsored tweets allow you to spread you presence across the “twittersphere”
  • Following conversations that are taking place about your company allows you to gain consumer insights in an up to date and efficient manner
  • Twitter can also be used as a speedy and efficient customer service tool
  • Discounts, and special offers… if you plan on running the, spread them through Twitter to gain further traction
  • Twitter is also a handy way of keeping an eye on your competitors, their update and their service or product offerings
  • The “ReTweet”- the sky’s the limit- tweets can be retweeted by your followers, allowing your twitter presence to swell significantly.

While Twitter can still be viewed as a micro blogging tool that is used by the “young”, there is no doubt that it is much more than that, and can genuinely help with your company’s attempts to expand their communication’s reach. Talk to us to see how to develop a social media strategy designed to create that all important first impression.