Blue-Logo QPQ and Finscoms Partnership Announcement

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between QPQ and Finscoms.

Finscoms proudly promotes QPQ to our network and beyond. Finscoms are a specialist full services marketing agency working to help clients to tell their story and support them in their route to the investor. We work with some of the most exciting projects being advanced currently and QPQ ticks all of our required boxes.

check-form-150x150 QPQ and Finscoms Partnership AnnouncementQPQ are developing an enterprise grade trade settlement and digital governance network of unparalleled efficiency, capacity and scalability fit for the 21st Century and beyond. Trade related administrations costs companies about 10% of turnover. As a result, large companies can’t expand their businesses and small companies are disenfranchised completely by the costs. There is a USD1.6 trillion unmet demand for trade finance.


To help resolve these issues QPQ bring to market advanced RegTech Smart Legal Contracts (SLCs) via their patent pending operating governing code engine to:

  • enable fully digital frictionless trade between counter-parties
  • execute contractual terms automatically
  • provide direct reporting to regulators
  • provide direct automated payments of customs duties
  • automate offering, selection and payment of logistic providers contracts
  • allow regulators to issue regulation directly in machine executable code
  • provide the means to securely fractionalise assets and financial instruments
  • provide near instant settlement platform for markets in financial instruments
GregChewPR QPQ and Finscoms Partnership Announcement

“We believe that economic opportunity should be fair for all. This belief is central to QPQ and our technology can contribute substantially to its achievement.”

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Contact Information:

Ken Carmody, COO Finscoms

+353 1295 3844