BirdMobile-1 Prediction for end of year fund performance?

We are at the halfway mark for 2017, how funds communicate and market their fund performance is of real importance, be they a closed fund or an open fund investors require 6 month progress report, is the fund on track, what strategies have been used by the fund, is the fund and its team showing a return? At Finscoms we have designed a marketing & distribution toolbox for funds both closed and open, to enable the fund to communicate, and market the fund to its target audience/existing investors.

performance1080 Prediction for end of year fund performance?
samuel-beckett-bridge Prediction for end of year fund performance?

At Finscoms we have designed a marketing & distribution toolbox for funds.​

Loyalty marketing and communications to a closed fund is often overlooked, through a content marketing strategy you can keep those already invested in a closed fund up to date with the fund performance and strategy, thus strengthening the relationship between the fund and its investors. Using social media for example, or a private/closed network, a fund communicates the fund performance at little or no cost, producing some significant marketing and communication tangibles. Is your existing communications strategy truly maximising the opportunity within the traditional and digital environs? Don’t have a communications or marketing strategy? Don’t have the time? We have the experience and time to act on your fund’s behalf to ensure the fund achieves its strategic objectives.

Marketing and communications for a fund at launch, or an open fund is a different set of marketing and communication strategies. Clearly the fund is limited in what in can show with its fund performance, but it can and should be marketing itself and thus distributing to its target audience, the next generation of investors are all using their smart phones to research the next fund that matches their investment strategies. You need to be seen, boost your visibility, in the right areas. You don’t want to be viewed as a pushy fund under pressure, or a non-performing fund. Show the Unique Selling Points of a fund, show your target audience your passion for the fund.

EMDS3 Prediction for end of year fund performance?

We work with funds through marketing and communications and ultimately distribution strategies, from redesign of your KiiD, prospectus, factsheet, to ensuring you have the right content and position the fund performance to investors when they land on your site, to building a website for the fund, to converting your prospectus from a black & white 120 page document to a video fund prospectus – 55% of the content on the internet is video, how prepared are you?

Some funds don’t necessarily agree with marketing, communications and have not experienced distribution deliverables other than high retainers. Its time to change the mindset, a fund has to be able to show it is comfortable in a digital environ, as it is in a traditional and conservative environ. First impressions count, those funds that are top of the pile, are there because they invest in marketing, communications and thus distribution. Contact us with no obligation to learn how a small investment into marketing, & communications can provide instant returns on your distribution strategy for open funds and for closed funds how to build and grow the relationships with existing investors.